Our journey, a fusion of life experiences, business and marketing ventures converge to craft a captivating narrative of personal growth and professional success.

“Embark on a transformative journey where life experiences, business ventures, globetrotting adventures, and marketing expertise converge to craft a captivating narrative of personal growth and professional success. Explore the fusion of diverse paths, woven together into a rich tapestry of wisdom, resilience, and innovation. Join us as we navigate the intersections of life’s journey, seamlessly blending the art of living with the science of strategy.”     life-journey-fusion-michele-shane


Life - Journey - Fusion

I consider myself to be a “True Entrepreneur”. Michele has joined in on most of my businesses, even though she still works what I like to call – her “J” “O” “B” which is greater than 40 hours a week.

One of Shane’s favorite quotes:
I Didn’t want a 9 to 5 job, so I became an entrepreneur – Now I work 24/7

From our cruise - Celebrity Equonox, March 14th 2024

Being able to blend work and leisure while traveling certainly offers a fantastic unique lifestyle balance. Having the flexibility to work from anywhere with Wi-Fi opens up a world of possibilities. We have so many favorite destinations that we've traveled to for both business and pleasure.

That list continues to grow of where we want to go next!

We Love to Share our Experiences

I have people ask offten if we are Influencers.. I kindly Reply NO, we are sharer's of Experiences!

An influencer is someone who builds a large following on social media by promoting products, brands, experiences, and a desirable lifestyle. Their goal is to influence their audience's opinions, purchases, and behaviors for commercial gain. Influencers work to cultivate an aspirational personal brand and image. They partner with companies to advertise products and services to their followers. Influencers make money through sponsored content, affiliate commissions, merchandise sales, and appearance fees. In contrast, someone who shares experiences does so mainly for the joy of storytelling and connecting with others. They don't seek money or fame. Their motivation is to document their life, travels, hobbies, or interests in an authentic way. They build community through relatable content that entertains and inspires their audience. Their income doesn't rely on promoting brands or driving sales. Any partnerships or sponsorships align organically with their passions. While influencers carefully curate their posts to achieve a polished aesthetic, experience sharers have a more casual style. Their goal isn't to sell a lifestyle but rather to build meaningful connections with others who share their interests and values. Their content aims to be helpful, not promotional. In summary, the main difference is that influencers monetize their following to boost brands and make money, while experience sharers focus on storytelling and community building without commercial motives. Influencers sell a lifestyle but experience sharers share life.

Everyone's Dream is to Enjoy Life!

Shane and Michele's lives are intertwined with travel, documenting their adventures through cruises, casinos, and group activities. Ever since that fateful first trip when Shane invited Michele to Las Vegas, bringing together their shared love of gambling and excitement, they have embarked on cruise after cruise to continue exploring the world and their passions. Now cruising over 4-5 times a year, they have found a way to combine their enjoyment of travel on the seas with their penchant for games of chance. Onboard and on land, they host lively group slot pulls, gathering new friends and old to try their luck on the machines. The bright lights of the casino call to them just as much mid-ocean with the sea breeze in their hair as it does docked on solid ground. Wherever they may roam, from port to port or a quick jaunt to Ho-Chunk Casino in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin near their home, Shane and Michele chase adventure together. Through cruises, casinos, and group events, they have built a life of travel, chance, and lasting memories.

It is about creating value for the world through our businesses!

Life is an exciting journey filled with new experiences, learning, growth and opportunities to connect with others. For true entrepreneurs like us, it is about more than personal development - it is about creating value for the world through our businesses. We thrive on sharing the knowledge gained from our entrepreneurial endeavors in order to help and empower others. Our passion has led us to create a diverse portfolio of businesses over the years. We provide short-term vacation rentals so travelers can fully immerse themselves in new destinations. Our co-hosting services ensure our home rentals are clean, comfortable and run smoothly. For a more festive experience, we bring joy to special events as professional Santa Clauses. Marketing is the lifeblood of business, so we help clients build brand awareness and make meaningful connections through marketing strategies and consulting. Love is the ultimate human experience, which we celebrate through our nuptials planning and officiant services. Fashion allows people to express individuality, so we proudly partner with clothing brands that align with our values. Though our businesses are unique, they all help us walk alongside others on their life journeys. We find meaning in fusing our collective experiences to help individuals and communities thrive. The entrepreneurial path is challenging yet deeply rewarding, allowing us to constantly expand horizons through human connection along the way.

Our Businesses

Shane and Michele have built their expertise around helping others succeed in short-term rentals and digital marketing. With years of first-hand experience renting and managing their own properties on platforms like Airbnb, they understand the ins and outs of running a profitable short-term rental business. From setting competitive nightly rates to crafting descriptions and photos that convert, they have developed effective strategies to maximize bookings and revenue. Beyond just rentals, they also assist clients with critical aspects like video marketing, social media growth, and leveraging AI tools to work smarter. Their comprehensive digital marketing skills empower clients to build their personal brands, create viral videos for YouTube and TikTok, and rapidly grow their followings on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Shane and Michele’s passion for inspiring others is fueled in part by Shane’s decade-long experience working professionally as Santa Claus. He brings a sense of passion and purpose into his coaching, guiding clients to infuse their work and lives with more meaning. The couple also channels their entrepreneurial drive into thrifting and storage locker auctions, uncovering hidden gems that they can flip into profitable sales. With this diverse set of skills and experiences in short-term rentals, digital marketing, personal branding, and passion-driven entrepreneurship, Shane and Michele offer tremendous value to clients looking to build successful businesses and brands in the digital age. Their expertise can benefit anyone from real estate investors to influencers across an array of online platforms and emerging technologies.

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Inspiration and Personal Growth:

By following their fusion of life experiences, business ventures, and globetrotting adventures, you gain access to a captivating narrative of personal growth and professional success. Their journey serves as inspiration for individuals seeking to expand their horizons and achieve their own goals.

Community and Connection:

Shane and Michele share their experiences not as influencers, but as storytellers who aim to connect with others authentically. By joining their journey, you become part of a community built on shared interests and values, fostering connections and relationships with like-minded individuals.

Valuable Insights and Expertise:

Through their diverse portfolio of businesses, including short-term rentals, digital marketing, event planning, and more, Shane and Michele offer valuable insights and expertise. By following them, you can learn from their firsthand experiences and entrepreneurial endeavors, gaining practical knowledge to apply to your own ventures.

Opportunities for Collaboration and Learning:

Shane and Michele's expertise in various fields opens doors for collaboration and learning opportunities. Whether you're interested in short-term rentals, digital marketing, or passion-driven entrepreneurship, following their journey provides access to resources, advice, and potential partnerships to support your endeavors.

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For true entrepreneurs like us, it is about more than personal development - it is about creating value for the world through our businesses. We would be happy to answer all of your questions as soon as possible.