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Our passions - We love to Connect and Collaborate

Shane and Michele are not your typical social media influencers, constantly hawking the latest products or pushing a carefully curated, aspirational lifestyle. Rather, they see themselves as humble "sharers of experiences" - people who simply want to document their lives, travels, hobbies, and interests in an authentic, relatable way. Unlike influencers who meticulously stage and filter every post to achieve a polished, glossy aesthetic, Shane and Michele take a more casual, slice-of-life approach. Their goal is not to sell a fantasy or make money, but to genuinely connect with their audience and build a sense of community around the things they're passionate about. You won't find them partnering with brands to promote sponsored content or products - any brand collaborations they do pursue align organically with their own interests and values, not commercial motives. Instead of cultivating an aspirational personal brand, they simply want to share their experiences, whether it's hiking through stunning natural landscapes, trying new cuisines, or pursuing creative hobbies. Their content aims to entertain, inspire, and help others, not to boost sales or drive consumer behaviors. Rather than curating a flawless, idealized version of their lives, Shane and Michele embrace the beautiful messiness and imperfections that make their story so relatable and human. In a world saturated with carefully curated influencer content, their approach feels refreshingly genuine, prioritizing substance over style and true connection over commercial gain.

Our Short-Term rental business

As seasoned short-term rental owners and managers, we at Wisconsin CoHost fully understand the multifaceted responsibilities that come with running a successful vacation property. From the initial preparation of the home to the final guest review, each step in the process requires meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of the hospitality industry. The excitement of that very first booking is palpable – the anticipation of welcoming guests into your meticulously curated space and hoping they’ll love it as much as you do. Then comes the crucial task of ensuring they have a wonderful stay, from providing personalized recommendations for local attractions and activities to promptly addressing any questions or concerns that may arise. And of course, no short-term rental experience is complete without the ritual of leaving a thoughtful review, both for the guests and the property itself. The cycle then begins anew as you relist your home, eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to share your little slice of Wisconsin with the world. However, the reality is that juggling all of these responsibilities alongside the demands of full-time jobs, family commitments, and other priorities can quickly become overwhelming for many short-term rental owners. This is where the expertise of Wisconsin CoHost truly shines. By entrusting the majority of the property management tasks to our seasoned professionals, you’re able to free up your time and energy to focus on the aspects you’re most passionate about – maintaining the pristine condition of your rental and ensuring your guests have an exceptional experience. While we handle the tenant screening, rent collection, and broader operational details, we firmly believe that the owner’s personal investment and intimate knowledge of the property is essential when it comes to the meticulous cleaning and prompt maintenance required to keep your vacation home in move-in ready condition at all times. This division of responsibilities allows us to provide a comprehensive, high-quality management solution that benefits everyone involved – you, your guests, and our team of dedicated professionals. It’s a true partnership approach that ensures your short-term rental continues to thrive, while you enjoy the freedom to spend more time with your loved ones and reap the financial rewards of your investment. Having a vacation rental or short term rental should be making you money, not causing you stress. Let us handle the stressful stuff while you enjoy the money your rental property makes you. What do you have to lose? Besides some stress! Contact us today at Wisconsin CoHost.

Must Be Nice

It's easy to look at someone else's success and think "Damn, must be nice" without fully understanding the sacrifices and hard work that went into achieving that level of accomplishment. The reality is, most people who have attained a lifestyle that appears effortless or luxurious have put in an incredible amount of time, effort, and dedication to get there. They likely didn't just coast through life, sleeping in on weekends and cruising through a standard 9-to-5 j-o-b. Rather, they pushed themselves far beyond the typical routine, embracing long hours, early mornings, and not only constant, but a consistent hustle. These individuals made difficult choices, prioritizing their ambitions and goals over immediate comfort or leisure. They may have sacrificed precious family time, passed up social events, and powered through sickness in order to maximize their productivity and drive towards their vision of success. The "must be nice" mentality often fails to recognize the sheer grit and relentless work ethic that underpins the lives of high-achievers. True, lasting success is not something that falls into one's lap, but rather the product of tremendous competence, focus, and a willingness to put in the extra effort required to elevate oneself above the masses. Before so quickly envying someone else's position, it's important to consider the arduous journey they undertook to get there - the countless early mornings, late nights, and personal sacrifices that paved the way for their current status. Appreciating the full scope of their accomplishment, rather than simply the end result, provides valuable perspective on what it truly takes to create the kind of lifestyle that may seem so effortlessly "nice" from the outside. Maintaining focus can be an immense challenge, especially for those dealing with attention deficit disorder (ADD). The constant struggle to stay on task and keep one's mind from wandering is a frustrating daily battle. But the difficulties faced by those with ADD extend far beyond just issues with concentration. The "down times" - the low points, the dark moments - are often an unspoken aspect of this condition that many fail to acknowledge or understand. Unlike the carefully curated social media posts and cheerful conversations that showcase only the high points of people's lives, individuals like Shane wish to shed light on the realities of their internal struggles. For Shane, the grip of depression is an ever-present burden that can make the simplest of tasks, like getting out of bed in the morning, feel insurmountably difficult. Some days, the depression is so overwhelming that it robs him of sleep entirely, leading to restless nights filled with racing thoughts. On other occasions, it is precisely this lack of rest that fuels his waking hours, as the depression leaves him unable to find the peace and rejuvenation that healthy sleep should provide. These are the lived experiences that Shane wishes others could better comprehend - the invisible challenges that make daily life a constant uphill battle, even as he strives to put on a brave face for the world. By shedding light on the "down times" that so often go unmentioned, Shane hopes to foster greater understanding and empathy for the realities of living with conditions like ADD and depression.


Shane and Michele have a deep-seated case of wanderlust, a persistent itch to explore the world and experience all that it has to offer. Some might even say they party like rock stars, living life to the fullest and embracing a spirit of adventure at every turn. They revel in being treated like celebrities, basking in the attentive service and VIP treatment that comes with their preferred travel choices. That’s why, when they embark on 4 to 5 luxury cruises per year, you’ll only find them booking with one cruise line – Celebrity Cruise Lines. The allure of Celebrity’s upscale ambiance, gourmet dining, and endless onboard activities is simply too strong for this couple to resist. They delight in the feeling of stepping aboard the grand ships, knowing they’re in for an indulgent vacation filled with pampering, excitement, and unforgettable memories. As self-proclaimed “cruise connoisseurs,” Shane and Michele have tried the rest, but they keep coming back to Celebrity, as it perfectly caters to their desire for a celebrity-worthy travel experience, replete with world-class service, elegant accommodations, and a level of exclusivity that makes them feel like the stars they wish to be. Their wanderlust may know no bounds, but their loyalty to Celebrity Cruise Lines is unwavering, a testament to the line’s ability to deliver the type of luxurious, unforgettable journeys this adventurous couple craves time and time again.

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