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The First Online Vacation Rental Platforms

The emergence of online booking platforms in the 1990s and early 2000s revolutionized the way people searched for and booked vacation rentals and other short-term lodging. In 1995, VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) launched as the first website dedicated solely to vacation home rentals, allowing property owners to list and manage bookings for their own properties directly through the site. This primarily attracted U.S.-based vacation rental listings to the new platform. Just a year later in 1996, was founded in the Netherlands as an aggregator for hotel bookings worldwide, though it eventually expanded to include vacation rentals as well.

Around the same time, Craigslist was transitioning from an email mailing list into a broader classifieds site where users could self-list anything from job ads to sublet apartments.

 Craigslist became an informal place for people to find and request short and long-term rentals of all kinds. The mid-2000s brought more competition with the launch of HomeAway in 2006, which merged several vacation rental sites together and then acquired VRBO, aiming to overtake’s dominance in the market. However, it was Expedia that ultimately became the world’s largest lodging platform after purchasing HomeAway in 2015 and aggressively expanding its inventory of hotel listings. While VRBO and HomeAway catered to individually-owned vacation rentals, and Expedia focused more heavily on partnerships with major hotels and professional property managers. Together, these four major players each helped transform the way travelers search for and book accommodations online.

Home Sharing Brings to Short-Term Rentals to AirBnb

The rise of online lodging platforms in the early 2000s allowed travelers more flexibility and affordability when booking accommodations. While established companies like VRBO and HomeAway offered various forms of vacation rentals and hotel bookings for short stays, Airbnb emerged in 2008 as the first company enabling guests to reserve a room in a host’s personal residence and complete the transaction securely over the internet. This unique home-sharing model catalyzed Airbnb’s exponential growth, rocketing from just 10,000 users and 2,500 listings in March 2009 to an estimated 150 million users and over 6 million listings worldwide today. Capitalizing on its success, Airbnb expanded into experiential travel with Airbnb Experiences, which allows local hosts to create and market one-of-a-kind activities like city tours, cooking classes, and cultural events that travelers can discover and book seamlessly through Airbnb’s platform.

While not a conventional lodging provider, Couchsurfing International has facilitated free homestays for travelers since 2004 by connecting volunteer hosts with visitors seeking an authentic, non-commercial place to stay. Couchsurfing began as a non-profit aiming to foster cultural exchange, but transitioned to a for-profit company in 2011 after the IRS denied their non-profit application. Despite this shift, Couchsurfing has retained its community-driven ethos and commitment to bringing people together, evidenced by its continuously growing membership currently exceeding 14 million users sharing and surfing couches worldwide. Though Couchsurfing does not profit from accommodations like Airbnb, its success highlights travelers’ appetite for more personal, cost-effective lodging experiences.

The Future of Short-Term Rentals

The past decade has witnessed exponential growth in the short-term rental space, largely catalyzed by Airbnb popularizing the concept of profitable and convenient home-sharing. This disruption has compelled leading hotel chains like Marriott International to expand into the home rental arena, with its upscale Homes and Villas division slated to bring 2,000 luxurious properties to market. Concurrently, Airbnb is outfitting newly acquired suites at the iconic Rockefeller Center into a more curated, hotel-esque experience. As these titans encroach upon each other’s turf, it’s evident that home-sharing platforms have massively disrupted the accommodation sector – only time will tell if traditional hotels can keep pace.

Beyond the behemoths, a rising crop of alternative lodging startups like Sonder, Stay Alfred, and Lyric are rapidly attracting funding and attention for their hip yet affordable boutique rentals targeting travelers. While Airbnb made its mark with a casual homesharing vibe, new professional property managers are entering the space to meet the heightened standards of the burgeoning customer base. To stay competitive, independent hosts are increasingly turning to co-hosting facilitators like Luckey by Airbnb, Hostnfly, and Vacasa, as the short-term rental market continues expanding its offerings and elevating the quality of stays. In summary, this flourishing sector has seen diversification into polished, managed inventory alongside the relaxed home rentals that started the craze, fulfilling demand while heightening expectations.

New Competitors in the Short-Term Rental Market

Although hotels’ entry into the home sharing and short term rental industry has attracted some attention, various other Airbnb competitors have also been working to carve out their own piece of the market. Companies like Sonder and StayAlfred are offering alternative stays for travelers that want the professionalism of a hotel along with the charm and comforts of a vacation rental. These companies provide purpose-built and designed suites that are professionally managed yet feel like home, helping to reduce the friction that inexperienced hosts on platforms like Airbnb can sometimes cause. The spaces are thoughtfully laid out, with full kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, and stylish living areas that make travelers feel at ease. Cleaning, maintenance, and communication are handled seamlessly by dedicated staff. Locations are chosen strategically in desirable neighborhoods, often with better access to key attractions than crowded hotel districts. With amenities like free wifi, toiletries, coffee, and laundry facilities, guests can enjoy hotel-like perks while still experiencing the authenticity of staying in a real home. While Indian accommodation giant OYO has received investment from Airbnb themselves, clearly other players see opportunity in this market as well. Companies like Sonder and StayAlfred have raised millions in funding, indicating surging demand for professionally-managed, hotel-like short term rentals that retain the homey vibe of true home sharing. The market is expanding as more travelers seek out alternatives that marry the reliability of hotels with the affordability, space, and coziness of home rentals. With their unique offerings and swelling war chests, Airbnb competitors like Sonder and StayAlfred are poised to continue making inroads in this evolving sector of short-term, vacation rental accommodations.

We've created a few buisinesses associated with Short-term rentals

My Friends Cabin

Luxury Cabin and Cottage Vacation Home Rentals

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Wisconsin CoHost

Short-term Rentals

- Made Easier -

Helping others compete for their place in the short-term rental space.

We've also created a few blogs to attract Guests to the area

Michele and Shane’s dedication to their community and their guests is truly admirable. By going beyond the standard offerings of a rental service and providing valuable information through their blogs, they’re not only enhancing the experience for their guests but also contributing positively to the local tourism industry.

Their approach of creating detailed, enthusiastic descriptions reflects their genuine passion for the Wisconsin Dells area, which undoubtedly resonates with readers. Moreover, the variety of topics covered in their blogs ensures that there’s something for every type of traveler, making their content valuable to a wide audience.

By offering this wealth of information for free, Michele and Shane are demonstrating a commitment to both their guests and the broader community. This generosity not only helps potential guests plan their trips more effectively but also fosters goodwill towards their business.

In essence, Michele and Shane’s initiative is a shining example of how businesses can thrive while also giving back to the communities they serve. Their blogs serve as a testament to their dedication, passion, and commitment to providing exceptional experiences for their guests in the Wisconsin Dells area.

Our Home in Waupun, WI
Victorian Themed Room
Great Outdoors Themed Room
Great Outdoors Jr Room

About Our in-home short-term rentals

Nestled in the heart of Waupun, Wisconsin, our charming short-term rental welcomes guests seeking a home away from home. We have meticulously designed every corner of our home to provide a peaceful retreat that meets and exceeds a traveler’s needs. From the cozy living room with plush furniture to the thoughtfully stocked kitchen, our attention to detail shines through. Guests will enjoy waking up refreshed in the tranquil bedrooms, complete with soft linens and blackout curtains. The convenient location near local attractions makes exploring the area a breeze. Yet, the true highlight is connecting with us, your friendly hosts. Our varied interests – from coaching to hospitality – all tie back to our devotion to guiding others on their life journey. Staying with us is a chance to fuse experiences and form meaningful bonds. Our short-term rental encapsulates the spirit of Life Journey Fusion, as we open both our home and hearts to uplift guests, helping them progress on their own path. Whether you’re a visitor from afar or nearby, you’ll find our rental is an oasis offering comfort, care, and connection. 

Why Choose To Follow Us

Inspiration and Personal Growth:

By following their fusion of life experiences, business ventures, and globetrotting adventures, you gain access to a captivating narrative of personal growth and professional success. Their journey serves as inspiration for individuals seeking to expand their horizons and achieve their own goals.

Community and Connection:

Shane and Michele share their experiences not as influencers, but as storytellers who aim to connect with others authentically. By joining their journey, you become part of a community built on shared interests and values, fostering connections and relationships with like-minded individuals.

Valuable Insights and Expertise:

Through their diverse portfolio of businesses, including short-term rentals, digital marketing, event planning, and more, Shane and Michele offer valuable insights and expertise. By following them, you can learn from their firsthand experiences and entrepreneurial endeavors, gaining practical knowledge to apply to your own ventures.

Opportunities for Collaboration and Learning:

Shane and Michele's expertise in various fields opens doors for collaboration and learning opportunities. Whether you're interested in short-term rentals, digital marketing, or passion-driven entrepreneurship, following their journey provides access to resources, advice, and potential partnerships to support your endeavors.

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“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
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“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
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